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Nov 13 2008 4:30PM Posted by Team ISSS
This is the third time I'm writing and it's been a while. Things have progressed more rapidly and I've gotten to know the school more. Homework has become more and more in some classes and less in others. We had the day off on Monday November 10 so that teachers could use that day to turn in our grades. Report cards are to arrive home by next week so I'll be getting my grades soon. So far I've only seen my grade in Biology class where I got and A. I had trouble with my computer at home and had to do every typed assignment during my free time in school. then two days ago, a ISSSLA teacher, Mr. Jacob helped fix it and so now I've got more time to use my free time, relax, study or go to a club. Apart from that, I've grown more intellectual and have gotten more into politics since it's very big here. It seems that from that last time I wrote to now I've experienced more and feel more comfortable here at Crossroads. By the next time I write I'll have my grades for all my classes. Frank
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