Cristina Martinez at Pacifica
Jan 6 2012 11:31AM Posted by Cristina Martinez
With finals just around the corner I'm extremely grateful for office hours. School just let out for thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to a week of peace. I've been having so much fun in all my classes that it is almost unbelievable that second semester is almost here.
Math has never been my strongest subject but so far it's become so much easier. We've just gone over proofs and I'm proud to say they're not as difficult as they seem. Were currently learning about triangles and indirect reasoning. We recently had to make up a dance in class using functions of a congruent triangle. Our teacher always has new and entertaining ideas. I love my geometry class.
In English we've been reading and writing so much that it's becoming second nature. The class has just finished reading Oedipus Rex, Media, The House Of Atreus, and Trojan Women. All of the ninth grade class got to go see Trojan Woman preformed and the Getty Villa. I've also been learning to write different types of essays. I have my Independent Cultural Excursion project coming up and I'm ready for it, espically the creative response part.
I've gotten better at biology. My teacher has helped so much with staying after school until I fully understand what a disaccharide is to giving me more attention in class.
I'm in Spanish 2 and so far it's been a great experience. I'm learning new words and it's exciting to be learning more about Spanish culture and traditions.
I absolutely adore my mixed media class. The class is so small it’s a class of ten students in total and it's amazing the class just finished building the set for the schools fall play. And the class is embarking on the life of an interior designer. I cant wait!
My Old Testament Class is just as exciting as the rest. At first it was though trying to get in to the swing of things, but I soon found my voice. I enjoy the class seminars. My favourite part of the class is the class discussions getting to here every ones prospective is in fact really enticing. The class has a unique way of teaching we all learn from each other.
This Sunday was our schools last performance of Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm happy I was one of many in bringing Shakespeare's play to life. I was stage manager and it was though handling all the chaos from school work to long hours working and preparing everything for opening night. I cant believe I had time to study but I managed getting everything done thanks to my understanding teachers. It was crazy but I plan on participating in a lot more school productions. I'm enjoying every single minute of high school at Pacifica.
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Andrew Jimenez at Crossroads
Jan 6 2012 11:26AM Posted by Andrew Jimenez
My adventure at Crossroads has started. I’ve met new people and made lots of new friends. All my teachers and classes are great. In my English class we learned about metacommentary and do lots of critical thinking up to where they push you to your limit. In my Biology class we learned about cells, DNA, and currently are learning of genes. In my French class I’ve learned to be able to start a conversation and ask simple questions such as where do you live, are you well, what nationality are you, and many yes or no questions. My Accelerated Geometry class is rigorous and has challenged me to my top math skills. We are currently learning about proofs. Proofs have challenged me the most but I progress more and more the more practice I get. In my World Civ. Class we finished up on the first civilization, The Sumerians or Ancient Mesopotamia, and are now learning about the Egyptians. I use my free periods wisely and get all my work done and study. For my afternoon classes, I have PE, Film Studies, and only on Thursdays, community awareness and connections. For PE, every Monday, we got the opportunity to take spinning classes and that has been a great and new experience for me. On Wednesdays we learn more about our muscles and flexibility. In film studies, we study movies from behind the camera. On Fridays we watch a movie and on Tuesdays we discuss the movie. We are currently watching Close Encounters with The Third Kind to show an example of how lighting and special effects is used in movies. In community awareness, we just finished our interview project and we visited two shelters, OPCC and The West Side Food Bank. In Connections also known as life skills, we learned about sleep and different stages in sleep. On some days we turn off the lights, we all sit back, and the teacher asks the class one question involving our lives and we all respect everyone’s answer, leave no comments or replies, and it is all confidential. Other than my classes, I also have gotten involved with clubs. I’m in P.E.A.C.E, F.L.A.G, and student council. P.E.A.C.E stands for People for Ethnic And Cultural Equality. In P.E.A.C.E we have been recently talking about diversity and how is it shown at Crossroads. We are also planning a play sponsored by P.E.A.C.E and Martin Luther King Day. F.L.A.G stands for Friends of Lesbians and Gays. We just had our transsexual day where students get a name tag of a person who was transsexual who was killed or committed suicide and under the name it said “ask me my story” and the student would give the story. Also a rainbow hammock was bought by F.L.A.G and student council and put at Crossroads to show that Crossroads accepts LGBTs. In student council we are planning for the Think-Tank. The Think-Tank is where representatives of student council meet up with counselors and discusses issues that students think should be looked at. In student council, we get about 5 or 6 main issues and get a poll and petition from students to show to the counselors. There are so many opportunities at Crossroads that I’m grateful to have available to me and I look forward to my future at Crossroads.
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First Impressions
Dec 2 2008 7:29PM Posted by Arturo Garcia
My experiences with this program, The Alliance , has been awe-inspiring.  So far I went to an open house to Crossroads and Harvard-Westlake which were truly electrifying sights.  I also had interviews with both these schools and the interviewers are very courteous. We had to do applications over and over to be accepted into the program, we study a Princeton book which will help our ISEE score, we read books which have a wide range of vocabulary, we have to get a superb score on the ISEE test, and we have to study flashcards.  I feel like I'm on cloud nine with this program because of the outstanding campuses, small classroom sizes, resources available, amiable alumni, committed and passionate teachers, extra curricular activities, wide variety of subjects, and the secure feeling.

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3rd Blog
Nov 13 2008 4:30PM Posted by Team ISSS
This is the third time I'm writing and it's been a while. Things have progressed more rapidly and I've gotten to know the school more. Homework has become more and more in some classes and less in others. We had the day off on Monday November 10 so that teachers could use that day to turn in our grades. Report cards are to arrive home by next week so I'll be getting my grades soon. So far I've only seen my grade in Biology class where I got and A. I had trouble with my computer at home and had to do every typed assignment during my free time in school. then two days ago, a ISSSLA teacher, Mr. Jacob helped fix it and so now I've got more time to use my free time, relax, study or go to a club. Apart from that, I've grown more intellectual and have gotten more into politics since it's very big here. It seems that from that last time I wrote to now I've experienced more and feel more comfortable here at Crossroads. By the next time I write I'll have my grades for all my classes. Frank
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October 12, 2008
Oct 16 2008 11:37AM Posted by Team ISSS
Since the first week.... It’s been a month since we’ve started school and I’m getting use to the work load Brentwood demands. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the year but now I know how mange things better and study for different subjects in a way that I can get a good grade on a small quiz or tests we have. One important thing I have learned is how to prioritize things better. Many people have given me advice to get a planner and write any homework or up coming test and quizzes I might have so that I know a head what I need to do. The planner has been a big help and I feel much better on how am managing things now. Posted by Heven at 03:51 PM
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October 11, 2008
Oct 16 2008 11:37AM Posted by Team ISSS
A second intake of Crossroads It's still about the same except for a few things. I got switched out of Spanish 1 and into Spanish 3 where the class is more at my level. Also I joined a few clubs like Robotics, Med Club and S.E.A. I want to get more into new things and just try them. But I've also met a few more people who work at the school and have had talks with them. I've also made more friends in my classes and from those here in the bright and early morning. As of right now, I'm getting almost all A's but no aces', but I wont stop until I get aces. My goal is to get most A's and maybe 1 or 2 B's. It gets better and better everyday here and the weird schedule that used to confuse me is a thing of the past. Now I'm more in control of the schedule and have a basic day set up. So it's a really great experience to be here and to just really go into the work here and just be on to of things. Frank Posted by Frank at 04:03 PM
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October 07, 2008
Oct 16 2008 11:36AM Posted by Team ISSS
Harvard-Westlake: Academics Academically speaking, I am doing well. So far, I've gotten "A's" and "B's" on my tests and quizzes and have completed all my homework assignments on time. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be and I'm getting used to my routine. My goal is to get straight "A's" but "A's" and "B's" are fine by the fact that this is a major change in my academic lifestyle. Although my tests and quizzes are great, I would have to say that my major "Achilles' heel" is me being laconic in class. In other words I don't participate as much as I would like to. I'm working on this and this process is gradually increasing and I don't expect to suddenly participate all the time. To sum things up, I am doing well in class and I feel great being here. I have no regrets coming here and I hope to do well in the future. Posted by Joel at 04:51 PM
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