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October 12, 2008
Oct 16 2008 11:37AM Posted by Team ISSS
Since the first week.... It’s been a month since we’ve started school and I’m getting use to the work load Brentwood demands. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the year but now I know how mange things better and study for different subjects in a way that I can get a good grade on a small quiz or tests we have. One important thing I have learned is how to prioritize things better. Many people have given me advice to get a planner and write any homework or up coming test and quizzes I might have so that I know a head what I need to do. The planner has been a big help and I feel much better on how am managing things now. Posted by Heven at 03:51 PM
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rznbbzzau   ( Nov 28 2011 10:05AM )
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Janaya   ( Nov 27 2011 8:51PM )
You have the monopoly on ufsuel information?aren't monopolies illegal? ;)
Raul Olivas   ( Oct 22 2008 9:28PM )
Hello there Heven, it's good to hear that you're adjusting well to the your new challenge.  I've always believed in you and keep in mind that anything worth doing is NEVER easy!!!
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