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Andrew Jimenez at Crossroads
Jan 6 2012 11:26AM Posted by Andrew Jimenez
My adventure at Crossroads has started. I’ve met new people and made lots of new friends. All my teachers and classes are great. In my English class we learned about metacommentary and do lots of critical thinking up to where they push you to your limit. In my Biology class we learned about cells, DNA, and currently are learning of genes. In my French class I’ve learned to be able to start a conversation and ask simple questions such as where do you live, are you well, what nationality are you, and many yes or no questions. My Accelerated Geometry class is rigorous and has challenged me to my top math skills. We are currently learning about proofs. Proofs have challenged me the most but I progress more and more the more practice I get. In my World Civ. Class we finished up on the first civilization, The Sumerians or Ancient Mesopotamia, and are now learning about the Egyptians. I use my free periods wisely and get all my work done and study. For my afternoon classes, I have PE, Film Studies, and only on Thursdays, community awareness and connections. For PE, every Monday, we got the opportunity to take spinning classes and that has been a great and new experience for me. On Wednesdays we learn more about our muscles and flexibility. In film studies, we study movies from behind the camera. On Fridays we watch a movie and on Tuesdays we discuss the movie. We are currently watching Close Encounters with The Third Kind to show an example of how lighting and special effects is used in movies. In community awareness, we just finished our interview project and we visited two shelters, OPCC and The West Side Food Bank. In Connections also known as life skills, we learned about sleep and different stages in sleep. On some days we turn off the lights, we all sit back, and the teacher asks the class one question involving our lives and we all respect everyone’s answer, leave no comments or replies, and it is all confidential. Other than my classes, I also have gotten involved with clubs. I’m in P.E.A.C.E, F.L.A.G, and student council. P.E.A.C.E stands for People for Ethnic And Cultural Equality. In P.E.A.C.E we have been recently talking about diversity and how is it shown at Crossroads. We are also planning a play sponsored by P.E.A.C.E and Martin Luther King Day. F.L.A.G stands for Friends of Lesbians and Gays. We just had our transsexual day where students get a name tag of a person who was transsexual who was killed or committed suicide and under the name it said “ask me my story” and the student would give the story. Also a rainbow hammock was bought by F.L.A.G and student council and put at Crossroads to show that Crossroads accepts LGBTs. In student council we are planning for the Think-Tank. The Think-Tank is where representatives of student council meet up with counselors and discusses issues that students think should be looked at. In student council, we get about 5 or 6 main issues and get a poll and petition from students to show to the counselors. There are so many opportunities at Crossroads that I’m grateful to have available to me and I look forward to my future at Crossroads.
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