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Jan 6 2012 11:31AM Posted by Cristina Martinez
With finals just around the corner I'm extremely grateful for office hours. School just let out for thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to a week of peace. I've been having so much fun in all my classes that it is almost unbelievable that second semester is almost here.
Math has never been my strongest subject but so far it's become so much easier. We've just gone over proofs and I'm proud to say they're not as difficult as they seem. Were currently learning about triangles and indirect reasoning. We recently had to make up a dance in class using functions of a congruent triangle. Our teacher always has new and entertaining ideas. I love my geometry class.
In English we've been reading and writing so much that it's becoming second nature. The class has just finished reading Oedipus Rex, Media, The House Of Atreus, and Trojan Women. All of the ninth grade class got to go see Trojan Woman preformed and the Getty Villa. I've also been learning to write different types of essays. I have my Independent Cultural Excursion project coming up and I'm ready for it, espically the creative response part.
I've gotten better at biology. My teacher has helped so much with staying after school until I fully understand what a disaccharide is to giving me more attention in class.
I'm in Spanish 2 and so far it's been a great experience. I'm learning new words and it's exciting to be learning more about Spanish culture and traditions.
I absolutely adore my mixed media class. The class is so small it’s a class of ten students in total and it's amazing the class just finished building the set for the schools fall play. And the class is embarking on the life of an interior designer. I cant wait!
My Old Testament Class is just as exciting as the rest. At first it was though trying to get in to the swing of things, but I soon found my voice. I enjoy the class seminars. My favourite part of the class is the class discussions getting to here every ones prospective is in fact really enticing. The class has a unique way of teaching we all learn from each other.
This Sunday was our schools last performance of Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm happy I was one of many in bringing Shakespeare's play to life. I was stage manager and it was though handling all the chaos from school work to long hours working and preparing everything for opening night. I cant believe I had time to study but I managed getting everything done thanks to my understanding teachers. It was crazy but I plan on participating in a lot more school productions. I'm enjoying every single minute of high school at Pacifica.
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Rita   ( Jul 3 2013 3:23PM )
This shows real expeitrse. Thanks for the answer.
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